Next Buy

When the SWX open on the 5th of January, I will start looking at the following buying opportunities:




Swiss RE

These stocks have big dividend as well as growing opportunities. Sika has lost more than 20% recently and is in the middle of a take over by another big firm (Saint-Gobain).

Let see how the market react at the first day of 2015.


4 thoughts on “Next Buy

  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite companies for 2015!

    Do you plan to write a blogpost with your complete portfolio described?
    I would be very interested!

    Fingers crossed for your first investments in 2015 😉


    • As you have seen in the portfolio, I bought Adecco and Swiss RE. I think it’s fairly a good deal with the dip that happened last week.

      Now let’s see how the market goes, but anyway the dividend will be interesting, I am already looking forward to re-invest these money and making my snow ball rolling and growing.




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