Portfolio progress

My objective for the next 10 years, Is to achieve or surpass the below increase curve that we achieve for the last 8 years, having an average increase of more than 123K/year.

This increase is composed of a 22% saving of our monthly salary, the dividends received and the buying/selling process.

Since 2011, I really started to look at the dividend gain, which before was not my strategy. For this year, I am expecting a lower dividends gain but again the market situation will drive my purchases.


In my next post, I will describe the our retirement scheme that we have in Switzerland (3rd pillars).



2 thoughts on “Portfolio progress

  1. RA50,

    You’ve made some serious progress already. Managing an increase of 123K CHF in one year is a major feat, congrats!

    It’s incredible to see how fast your dividend income grew. Kinda jealous! 🙂

    Keep it up,


    • NMW,

      Thanks for the your positive comments and yes has been a great year in term of dividend as well as form the market point of view.

      No let’s see how we move in 2015.

      Will update the portfolio as I just increase our position of ABB with 2600 share that add-up to 5100 in total.

      That will give a nice dividend in April.



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