Reflection about snow fall and FI


During the weekend, I reflected about our objective of Financial Independence when looking outside at the snow falling, Dividend Mantra and other FI seeker have taken the analogy of the snow ball effect when reinvesting there dividends into companies to make growing their snow ball.

I love this way of thinking and will not be able to make it better. But I would like to contribute to that philosophy. The snow (ball or not) at one point will melt and be transformed in water (like the stock market falling down due for example a National Bank intervention 🙂 ), this water is almost never lost, it will go through the earth and be collected in some underground or surface lake. At one point, this water will be drawn to supply houses, companies, electric dam, fields etc.

Now let’s take the example of some fields irrigated by this water, they will grow a crop, which will be harvested, conditioned and then sold to consumer. This will generate new profits that will be in part saved and the other re-invested in the purchase of new fields, new pumps, new generation of harvester and who knows what making the economy moving.

So even if spring is coming and will melt your snow ball, don’t panic and think about the water that this snow will give you and the new opportunities to grow your portfolios. So let hope the winter will be harsh and meters of snow will accumulate!



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