Average monthly budget

Dear FI friends,

In the below graphic, you will see our average monthly budget including our saving rate. From this view, it is clear that we could save more if we would cut in:

  1. Rent,
  2. Vacation,
  3. Personal spending.


For the first point, we will have a good news that will arrive in April, due to some construction work in front our building, I have been able to negotiate a 15% rent decrease per month (around 480 CHF), this amount will go directly to the portfolio fund. Except this decrease the only thing would be change for a smaller apartment, which will probably not happen.

For the vacation, we could clearly save big time. I cannot say that we are frugal! We don’t take necessary a lot of vacation outside our home but when we do it, we do in luxury travel.

Personal spending, mostly clothes for my wife, she is a fashion addict, but as I mentioned in the post (Viva the ¨SALES¨ period) she is very very wise in spending always looking for the discounted product or the sales period. But still, we could do something there 🙂

So finally, the real saving would come from changing home.

So where do you stand on your budget?



3 thoughts on “Average monthly budget

  1. RA50,

    I find it interesting that you take your taxes into account. I only track my after-tax money as I believe that gives me a much better indication of my savings rate.

    If you would do the same, your savings rate would shoot up to almost 50%, which surely sounds a lot better than 34% – which of course is also commendable!

    Glad to see you’re saving so much and that you managed to renegotiate a rent decrease.

    Best wishes,


  2. NMW,

    I believe that each of us have there views on how to calculate our saving rates. Reading again the comment from Mustachian Post on our saving percentage where we take into consideration all the different savings we have (gov. retirement fund, company fund, etc) and where he says that he take is only his personal savings.

    At the end what count, is the results is the comparison from month to month or year to year.

    Thanks for continuing reading us.



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