Yes, Yes and Yes

You will tell why all these “yes”???

Because today, I get the fantastic news that my annual bonus is 35%, yes you read correctly 35% higher that what I had estimated!

I see some of you already saying, yeah but it was a very conservative estimation, yes and no, this bonus take into account the company performance using different set of financial indicators and objective achievements (which I can’t really estimate properly, under-estimated by 12%) as well as my own performance which is judged by my boss based on my achievements. So it’s where I under-valued my performance by 21%.

So I am very happy for two main reasons, the first is that my performance was recognized very well, which in my opinion really reflect the hard work and the achievements of last year. The second reason is more financially, because this massive difference (around 5K), will allow our portfolio to increase even more and therefore put more snow on our snow ball…

So now, which strategy should we go:

  1. Buy share(s) as soon the cash in the account;
  2. Wait for the up-coming ex-dividend period (mostly March till May), where the share will drop significantly their value and that will allow us to buy more share, average down our positions or start new positions;
  3. Put this money aside and wait for the next big plunge;
  4. Re-fill our safety net account;

Not easy choices, as they all have their pros/cons. Anyway, the cash will not be in the account until the end of this month, So still have some time to reflect and weight pros/cons.

I would love to have your opinions on the subject, what would you do?



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