¨Flexibility¨ at work

Hi All,

I just finishing reading the post of No More Waffle (The Importance of Proper Fork Usage), and wanted to share with you what the company I work for in January (FLEXABILITY), no, no it’s not a typo. This new program has for objective to provide workers a higher flexibility in the time management to improve work-life balance as well as consider the preference of each of one and finally to improve performances and engagement.

The ¨Flexability¨ concept is dividing in several points:

  1. The new core hours are from 10:00AM till 05:00PM from Monday to Friday (still 40 hours per week).
    1. No meeting before 10AM or after 5PM and Friday is considering as NO meeting day;
    2. Friday is also a day where you can work from home as there is no meetings.
  2. For a specific period of time (couple weeks/months), we can do a compress week, meaning that we can work 10 hours per day and work 4 days (Friday off);
  3. Can buy up-to 10 additional days of vacation per year;
  4. Increase the sabbatical leave to 1 year;
  5. and some others.

I really think this program will boost the productivity of each employees as it really give us much more flexibility to improve our work-life balance.

In my case, I love to work early morning but cannot work in the evening, so now not having meeting after 5PM works great for me as I can leave the office without nobody looking at me with big eyes and making comments like you do 1/2 day today.

The compress week is also something that will try in summer for example, imagine that in July you work 4 days and then have a long weekend every week, great!

I know that this kind of program is not new and many companies have implemented it already for some time, but in our case that is big change for a company like ours.

Let see how effective this program is in a couple of month.

Cheers and have a good work week


2 thoughts on “¨Flexibility¨ at work

  1. Wow that seems like pretty good flexibility. Unfortunately since my work deals internationally, having no meeting before 10 AM just wouldn’t work. I would often hold conference calls across 3 different time zones (Asia, North America, Europe) and the only suitable time is super early in the morning for me.


    • Hi Tawcan,
      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Meeting before 10AM, is allowed when there clear business need, like taking decision for productivity and new project launch.

      I am in the same situation, as I am dealing with Latin America, US and Asia, but being in the middle (Switzerland) we can manage it so far.




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