Portfolio decrease

Dear Friends,

Today, we sold our Adecco shares at a value of 73.90CHF, this give us a net gain of 3’267.0 CHF or 6.32%.

We decided to sell Adecco as this gain makes a significant upside to our portfolio. If we would kept the shares until the dividend distribution, we would have only a 975.0 CHF net gain.

Now our available cash stand at around 60k, which will increase with the upcoming dividend season.

I will update you as soon as all the companies have reported their 2014 results and dividends proposal. But as of now, I can already say that we are going to surpass by a large margin our dividend gain estimation, thanks to cash distribution (net of taxes) that most of the companies have decided to give to shareholder.

I have updated our portfolio based on today action.



2 thoughts on “Portfolio decrease

    • Hi NNL
      Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment. Yes taxes are very high in Switzerland and bring difficulties to get FI early.
      But I believe we are on track to reach this goal by 50.
      Best regards,


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