Grocery bills comparison

Dear all, I mentioned some time ago the prices of groceries that we have in Switzerland and wanted to make a kind of typical caddie and I would like you to contribute by telling us what is the prices of these goods in your countries, to simplify the comparison, I put everything per 100r or 3.5oz and in USD (using 09/03/15 FX rate). I will create a comparison table with your answers. Meat:

  • Rump steak = 4.91 USD/100gr
  • Whole chicken = 13.11 USD/1kg or 35OZ
  • Porc tenderloin = 5.22 USD/100gr


  • Rice (Uncle Benz) = 5.01 USD/1kg or 35OZ
  • Pasta (Penne Barilla) = 1.91 USD/1kg or 35OZ
  • Potatoes = 1.66 USD/1kg or 35OZ
  • Wheat = 1.77 USD/1kg or 35OZ

Veggies and fruits

  • Carrots= 2.39 USD/1kg or 35OZ
  • Lettuce = 0.56 USD/100gr
  • Apple (gala) = 3.64 v
  • Bananas = 3.03 USD/1kg or 35OZ


  • Sugar = 1.11 USD/1kg or 35OZ


  • Coke normal = 1.31 USD per liter
  • Corona beers (6 packs) = 15.4 USD
  • Milk = 0.91 USD per liter

Other items that are not part of the grocery caddie but are standard around the world: BigMac from McDo = 7.15 Gasoline for car

  • 1 litter = 1.42 per liter

What about you? Let’s compare our basic caddie. Cheers, RA50


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