TransOcean (RIGN.VX) pay check

Dear all,

As previously announce, today we just received our dividend check from TransOcean (RIGN.VX), based on the 7000 shares we own, we receive a nice check of 5250CHF, this dividend are free of Tax as it is a cash distribution.

We have decided to reinvest  this money into RIGN.VX, based on the current price it will increase our position by 400 shares.

I am very confident that the energy market will recover and that the theoretical loss that we have now, will transform in great opportunity in the future.

So we will re-invest every quarter the dividend received.

Who believes in Energy companies at the moment and invest in them?




4 thoughts on “TransOcean (RIGN.VX) pay check

  1. Good move, RA50, for re-investing every quarter the dividend received.

    I believe in energy companies, and wrote puts on BP and XOM recently.


    • MU,
      I like your portfolio diversification, not our strategy right now as we decided to stay on the Swiss market to minimize the FX risks.
      But Baxter is tempting me…
      Maybe one of these days, we jump and buy some.



  2. I unfortunately missed the recent opportunity to buy Royal Dutch Shell when it dropped by about £2. I only trade once a month, so sadly I do sometimes miss these opportunities, but I will buy something else interesting instead.


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