What would you do, if the genie in the bottle give you 1 year of stock market informationIf

Dear all,

Last night, I dreamed of a genie giving me the possibility to know and retrieve at my wish the next 12 months stock market information.

That is what I would do:

  1. Check how the market trend will go (up, flat or down)
  2. If there will be any market drop and how much
    1. if a significant pull-back would occur (20%), I would sell everything now even considering some losses to have cash.
  3. Simulate the status of our portfolio in 12 months (up, flat or down)
  4. Would spend a lot time evaluating all these details to try to maximize the return without considering dividend growth only capital gain.

Knowing this critical information, we all could win millions of dollar in capital gain. What a dream, no?

I am sure that all of you at one point in time, e.g. when you sell or buy stock wish to have known the near future, let say one week.

So tell me what would you do?




6 thoughts on “What would you do, if the genie in the bottle give you 1 year of stock market informationIf

  1. Hello

    I don’t care a lot about the market situation. I try to buy great companies at a fair price, therefore only individual stock valuations count. In some market phases like today I accumulate cash, in bad market phases I invest 100 %. Nevertheless, I don’t sell my securities, unless we will see P/E ratio’s above 35-40, like in the internet bubble. As I will be a stock buyer for the next years, I hope we will see a couple of long bear markets, which allows me to buy at lower prices. Stock markets show only the daily prices, which fluctuate, but great companies will produce real value over time, which is much more important for me.




  2. You are not a professional yet, if you know the information a year ahead. Don’t you want to play option? Go all in. $1 earn $1000.

    So, I can’t predict the future, I’ll never gamble with options.


    • Hi Vivianne,
      You are absolutely correct I am not a professional trader, And I have not thought about the options when I wrote this article. It is clear that would be fastest way to be billionaire 😄 in one year.

      Thank for commenting. cheers RA50


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