Business trip

Hi all,

I am ready to start a 2 days business trip in Italy.

I am really lucky that company I work for give me the opportunity to travel almost everywhere! I had the privilege to stay and visit places like:

  • Pakistan, Indonesia 
  • Thailand, India, Bangladesh 
  • Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia
  • Colombia, Brazil, Argentina
  • Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia
  • And many more destinations

In total I am standing on a list of 50+ different countries, how lucky I am!

And you which is the most unusual country you have visited? Which culture strike you, shock you the most?

Cheers, RA50


2 thoughts on “Business trip

  1. As a woman, I’d be scared to travel to Dubai or Muslim dominated country. I do not want to cover my head (I want to respect their culture, but I don’t want to cover my head in 100F weather. And there are stories that European women got raped in the country and they would blame the women for being provocative. No matter how beautiful and luxurious their country is, they have to respect their mother, their wife, their sister, and daughter. It’s wrong to dehumanize a woman to an item. There is society law, then there is Muslim law that overrule the society law. I have Muslim friends, I work with them, they are the nicest people I know. But they are in the US, they obey the US law, but in a foreign country, where you don’t speak the language, and when the common law is Islamic law…. Thing can turn south very quickly.

    With that, I’d say, love to visit morocco, turkey (I’ll probably have the same Muslim dominated country, but they have more freedom, and I’ll probably feel safer there. India (only with guides) and other asian country, travel Europe. I want to see Real Madrid, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and AC Milan play. I want to be in the stadium where 80k crazy passionate fans cheering for their team, eat the food, hunt for scene that I’d see when people travel Europe.
    South America, and Africa Safari, Sahara dessert.

    My ultimate travel destination, I’d like to do the 88 temples in japan. I want do walking meditation in the whole trip.


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