Easter vacation, 2 weeks out of the connected world

Dear all, 

 I would like to say that we will be out for the next 2 weeks without any wi-fi connection and where the G3 will be too expensive to use to watch the stock market, read news and making post to our dear blog. 

 I can tell everybody that it will be the first time for the last 10 years that I will not check the stock market in 2 weeks, so I am already a bit nervous to lose opportunities, to buy or sell. I have put some buying order and sell order just in case limits are crossed. 

 What about you, have you been in a similar situation, can you do it or not? 

 I have prepared several post in advance to keep you interested, I will discuss our mix strategy of investment (dividend growth and capital gain), another on advertising on personal blogs and some consequences of the SNB decision to support the Swiss franc. 

 So, see you in 2 weeks, and I am looking forward to spend time looking at all your posts and comments, when we are back. 




One thought on “Easter vacation, 2 weeks out of the connected world

  1. Have fun! Worry free vacation is ideal. Technology make it convenience but can also bring stress.
    ! I’d love to cut the cord like this, but I have semi passive income from rental. I’d still need access to email and such. Where I’m ready, I need to turn over to property manager to make it totally passive.


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