Advertising in blog

Dear blogger or reader,

I wondering how much money blogger are making using advertising in their blogs, like Adsense from Google? On the other hand how many of you are interested by these ad’s or do you prefer a free of ad blog?

Is it worthwhile to change my to in order to integrate these ad?

Considering that I move out, I must find a host (not free) and start doing some blog maintenance myself, which doesn’t interest me at all,

I amwaiting your feedback on the subject, cheers



2 thoughts on “Advertising in blog

  1. Many has blatantly said, if you want to make money from Adsense, $6/1000 views. which most bloggers can break even.

    Money is actually from them writing for other pages like seeking alpha. By doing affiliated links, and sites, amazon,credit card and insurance company.

    For me, right now it doesn’t make sense yet to move. But I want to have my own domain, so all the links will work, if I decided to monetize.

    I don’t like busy ads either, but it’s just me. 🙂


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