Mix investment strategy

Dear all, 

 As most of you that are following us, knows that we have a mix investment strategy, meaning that we are looking at dividend growth as well as capital  gain.

 Why this mix strategy?

For the following reasons:

  1. We still have 10 years before our retirement objective, which mean that we can take risk to maximize our total return.
  2. In Switzerland, the capital gain are not taxed in contrary of the dividends (at 35%), so capital gain are beneficial.
  3. I like to play, so getting a bit of adrenaline when market drop, market gain make me happy but not nervous, I can always sleep 🙂

For the last 7 years, we have been able to make the following gains in term of dividends and capital gains: 

 Dividend = 83’000CHF 

 Capital Gain = 203’000CHF. 

 What would have been our net worth without the capital gain and missed dividends? 

The 31st of December 2014 our net worth was 1’035’125.0CHF, without the capital gain it would have been: 827’960.0CHF or 20% lower and we would not have received an additional 4’400CHF of dividend.

 For comparison the Swiss Market Index (SMI) increase only by 5.88% during the same period of time. 

 Is there other Mix Investment strategist among you?




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