Grocery bill Challenge

Dear all,

I mentioned some time about the high prices of good and services in Switzerland. By reading some of my favorite blog like ¨Rich Neighbour¨ where they made a grocery challenge (February Challenge: Fail & Success) to limit there grocery bill to 240USD vs. 400USD in January.

I found the idea excellent and will replicate it to see if we can reduce our grocery bill. RN targeted a 60% reduction, I am really confident that we cannot try that, so for the month May, we will try to reduce our grocery bill by 30% or targeting a bill of maximum 560USD vs. our 2 years average bill of 800USD.

I will keep you updated at the end of May to check if we win the challenge.

Cheers, RA50


3 thoughts on “Grocery bill Challenge

  1. It’s a great challenge. I only feed myself, 100bls body, so I only spend $200 on grocery per month since 2010. I go to several local groceries store to find some great deals like $1 for 4 tangerines. I’ll buy 20-30 of them. If I can’t finish by the end of the week, I’ll squeeze them and have fresh tangerine juice, much fresher and have no preservative store bought juice. It is just one example. Needless to say I don’t have any problem meeting the goal.

    My problem is since I’ve started seeing Mr, he eats out a lot, when I’m with him, we take turn to pay, so my food bill goes up quite a bit. I’m not mad about the bill, I’m mad that eating out causes me to gain from 95bl to 100bls. It is very difficult when dating someone that doesn’t have the same lifestyle. We have a lot to work out, food is a big part of my life.

    I think as long as you can cut out the processed food, you won’t have any problem meeting the goal. It’s a great idea, I hope you guy would make it. Please do a follow up report! Have fun with those romantic candle light romantic dinner!


  2. It’s not a very fair comparison, but I spend $120 US per month. I live in Colorado, USA. The cost of living here is less expensive. I estimate that I need approximately $400,000 USD @ 4% yield to retire.

    I visited Lucerne 4 years ago and I was astounded at how expensive the cost of living was. We ended up buying food from a shop. Although, chocolate is quite inexpensive. I filled my pack with several kilos of chocolate.

    Wallet Engineer


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