Why my god feeling is telling me that we are going to enter a turbulent time

Dear reader,

The world market have reached all time high during the last few weeks, so why I cannot take of my mind that we are going to enter turbulent time.

The DAX lost 1000 points in 7 days, the DOW is stagnating for the last 5 months, today the SMI lost 1.6% today. Is it the first sign of market correction that all of us are expecting with more or less credit and faith.

I am consolidating cash position to be ready for a market drop.

What are position now, do you have cash available to invest or are you fully invested?




5 thoughts on “Why my god feeling is telling me that we are going to enter a turbulent time

  1. RA50,

    As you know I remain fully invested! Although I agree that the markets are expensive at the moment, people said the same thing back when I started last year. If I didn’t start investing then I would have missed out on 20%+ gains in that time frame.

    That’s why I’ll continue to invest any free cash and look for market opportunities. If and when the markets do go down, I’ll simply be able to purchase more shares at a higher yield.



  2. RA50,

    I also had the same thoughts. I am very bullish on energy, but I sold my current shares and the market actually dipped a bit in that sector so I am waiting for the right moment to re-enter, although it is very hard to time. Overall great post, because the market is very high and there is a lot of volatility. Excited to read more!



    • Thanks D2R,

      Sorry for my late answer, but your comment was in the spam box.

      Thanks for your comment and looking forward some volatility.

      Hope to see you back here.




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