Tax declaration

Like spring and blooming season, it’s the tax declaration preparation. So as usual it’s getting all the bank and company paycheck and benefits statement ready, verifying that on fiscal statement all the dividend are included and preparing the consolidation in the electronic system provided by the Tax department.


I am expecting to have an increase of taxes as our dividend income was significantly higher than 2013, but at the same time we had to pay back some taxes from 2012 when we were not leaving in Switzerland, so I hope we can deduct this amount from our 2014 taxes. I am not sure, if we can deduct medical treatment that Ms. RA50 had during 2014, so it could help us as well.


We are bracing for impact, and crossing our finger not to have a bad surprise.

What about you, where do you stand on your 2014 taxes, good or bad news?






2 thoughts on “Tax declaration

  1. RA50,

    I hope you have a nice windfall from the tax man this year!

    Although it’s not 100% certain yet, I believe I’ll receive about €1,200 back in taxes, which is 2/3rd of my net monthly salary. Pretty happy about that as it means I get to buy another batch of shares in a high quality dividend paying company.

    Best wishes,


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