Mentor and coach, my mother!


One thing, I learn from my father is that, you must avoid debt at all cost, he has been working hard all his life until he passed away (R.I.P), leaving my mother in massive troubles because of the 8% mortgage per year  on a 14 rooms mansion, my mother, 50 at that time was not working, so no income.

She battle for around 10 years, trying to understand all the finance stuff, mortgage and a life insurance court action. I don’t know where she get the courage to wake up everyday and having a smile on her face to wish me good luck for my studies.

She is my hero!

I learn so much form her, that I alway says that I would not make the same mistake than my father and would work hard as well and save the maximum of money to guaranty that Mrs RA50 will not face the issues.

So, we are DEBT free, with a capital of more than 1 mio USD, a small property and most importantly a good health!

I wish you, readers, to have achieved or to achieve it in the future, this beautiful feeling to wake up every morning with peace in mind.

Cheers, RA50


4 thoughts on “Mentor and coach, my mother!

  1. Wow, didn’t know you went through a lot. Mr lost his Dad at 9 yo. I lost my mum at 13 yo. Mr grew up with his mom so he’s supper sensitive. I grew up my 7 brothers so I talk rough and play rough. Our upbringing really shape the person you grow up to be, that’s for sure.


  2. RA50,

    Sorry to hear your father passed away at such a young age. It must have been pretty rough on you and your mother. And the financial aspect of things definitely didn’t help.

    I’m glad you learned from your father and are now in a secure position to enjoy the most out of life.



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