Are you FREE?

Recently, I joined an exchange lunch with our VP HR for EEMA region and the first question she ask all of us was: ARE YOU FREE?

After 10 seconds of interrogation, she explained that: she is free! 

she has a great job, a nice pay check, a great bonus, stock option, a company car and etc, etc… but she knows that she can quit, be fired, lose everything but what she will not lose is that she is READY to take any job to live. Her kids are going to public schools, they understand what money means, how difficult is to earn it. So, she is enjoying her job, take risks and she is really successful.

I must say that after this lunch, I spend a couple of hours thinking about the question, are you free? 

At the beginning, I thought that I was not, being 40, having a wife, a career, bills to pay etc.

But after dinner, I told Mrs RA50 about my experience and we discuss it, then, I changed my mind! We have a comfortable wealth, a fully paid apartment in Brazil, no debts, at the moment no kids, how I cannot be free, and it’s true, I am and we are free!

That was one open minding lunch and that help me to do things differently at work, I am taking more risk, like an entrepreneur and not be afraid of consequences.

And you, are you free? or at which level of freeness are you?

Cheers, RA50


One thought on “Are you FREE?

  1. You guys are certainly free. If you move to South America, or a south east asia country. You guys can definitely live comfortablely on a beach property. It is the fear of picking up and go. Fear of uncertainty that keeping us in the workplace longer.

    I think with my passive income, I can comfortably pick up and go. But I choose to work a couple more years to get to the dividend level that could cover my expense. And let the rental be the cushion.

    I hope in a couple years, I’ll find the courage to quit. Or I’ll be happy enough to put in the extra hours to help my family. Give back to my community.


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