Portfolio decrease and increase

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce a portfolio decrease and directly after a portfolio increase. On Tuesday 5th, UBSG.VX announced an above estimation first quarter, the stock jump by around 7%, we jump on the occasion and sold our entire position at a level of 6.9% increase based on our purchased cost. It represent a cash gain of 12’230.00 CHF. We believe that UBS will continue to provide solid results in the future as well as important dividend distribution. By chance, at the end of the day the market drop by 2%, so we took the cash just gained and reinvested it completed.

We bought 10’100 shares at a value of 19.90 CHF, considering the different broker fee, taxes, we will be able to sell the stock at a value of 20.17 CHF or 1.36% about the purchase value. The good point is that these transactions are before the ex-date, so we will still get the dividend of 0.5 CHF or 5’050 CHF!

This gain allow us to achieve so far a capital gain of 32’341 CHF, which has you know is free of tax in Switzerland!

Considering our personal saving, the dividends and the capital gains to date, we should save this year a minimum of 107’000 CHF, which is inline with our objective of saving a minimum of 100’000 CHF. We still have 8 months in front of us, so I can already say that we will have a great year!

What about you, have you been able to estimate your annual savings?




7 thoughts on “Portfolio decrease and increase

  1. If everything goes as planned, I should have $90k in savings.
    $18k + $6k employer match + $15k in mortgage principle gain + $51k in saving after all expend from rental, dividend and fulltime job. Rental is a big help because in the past, I only able to manage $10-30k per year.


    • Hi, very strong saving rate, you gave me an idea to add the 1st and 2nd pillar on saving rate, that would increase quite nicely our saving bucket.

      Thanks for commenting and have a good weekend.

      Cheers, RA50


  2. RA50,

    Damn, that’s a lot of money made in just one simple transaction! Although I’m not a fan of daytrading, I must admit that your performance has been great so far. Keep it up.

    Best wishes,


  3. RA50,
    congratulation – bold move to sell UBS and buy them back! Unfortunately I’m not a good swing trader – if I try, I end up doing it worst case 🙂
    The swiss feature of getting all capital gains tax free (if not exceeding your main income) is something to think about. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to use this(4% withdrawal rule) as a retirement strategy in Switzerland?
    But I think for one thing you are loosing the advantage, when the withdrawal is your only income(and therefore get fully taxed) and for another thing you want to live in brazil. Do you know the tax situation there?

    But the biggest blockbuster ist the “minimum saving of 107000 CHF this year” – WOW!! I really have a long way to get there, I’m not even able to get the third of this sum this year. But if I keep investing this over ten years, I may be able to double this with the help of the snowballing dividends. No matter how often I think about this, I get motivated all the time! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and best of luck to you!


    • Hi DR,
      Thanks for your comment and gave me a lot to think about, I will need to start looking at all your valuable inputs.
      We have a non-disclosed 🙂 target of 100k saving per year for the next 10 years, which will give us an additional 1 mio CHF in capital.

      Cheers, RA50


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