Net worth update May

Dear all,

I took the opportunity to update our net worth page based on the our company pension fund annual report (Net worth). In the past, we were not taking in account this value, but considering that, if we leave Switzerland, we will get the full amount, I thought interesting to budget it.

So our net worth, significantly increase by 341’000 CHF to reach a total of 1’469’660 CHF or 1’572’537 USD.

The snow ball continue to roll and roll and roll.




4 thoughts on “Net worth update May

  1. If I’ve already gotten $1.5M, I’d just take off 😛

    Wow, looks like you guy did a very good job at saving. It is cool that the Swiss government let you walk away with your retirement account without charging a tax on it.

    I guess your job pay you to travel, so why not stay for a few years when you’re able. Continue to build up that nest, especially at the current time, EU stock are cheap due to currency devaluation, but once it pick up again 1 EU for 1.5$, with your $1.5M would feel like $2.5M, that’s even not counting the gains and added capital over the years.

    It is going to be sweet in retirement, I’m sure.


    • Hi,
      Just to clarify some points:

      We will be tax on the 2nd pillar the day we leave, but I have not took that into account at this moment.

      This absolutely what we are planning, I am still enjoying my job and will retire only in 10 years.

      Yes, it should be a real sweet retirement without compromising on everything.

      Thanks for passing and commenting.



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