UBS (UBSG:VX) pay check

Dear all,

Today we received our dividend check from UBS (UBSG:VX), based on the 10’100 shares we own, we received a comfortable check of 5050.0 CHF, this dividend is free of Tax as it is a cash distribution.

If you remember (Portfolio decrease and increase), last week, we sold our entire position and made an important capital gain of 12’230.0 CHF, we directly bought the 10’100 shares, so this month with UBS, we made a net profit of 17’280.0 CHF

At the moment, we are going to keep this cash position until we have an investment opportunities.

How is your May dividend account?




2 thoughts on “UBS (UBSG:VX) pay check

  1. That’s a nice sum from UBS. I posted my May dividend income a few days ago. Curious to see where you will deploy this cash in the future. Where do you keep your cash in the meantime?


    • DivHut,

      Cannot complaint, 5k doing nothing that wait a year to get the pay check.
      We keep all the cash for broking in a specific account of our UBS account.




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