Business trip – Africa

Hi All,

I just finished my suitcase for a 10 days business trip in Africa, more precisely 6 days in Malawi and 4 days in South Africa.

These are 2 of my favorite countries (business wise) where I have been in Africa.

Malawi is one of the poorest country in the world, it is located in between Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia (countries that visited already). It has a population of around 16 mio. with a GDP of 3.7 bio. $ a life expectancy of 55 years. More than 60% of the GDP is coming from Agriculture mainly growing tobacco. It has significant issue with malaria and aids like the region and in general the African continent.

But the people in this country are so generous, alway smiling and ready to help you. One since that I learn is to respect the way they work and live, don’t expect everything to be fixed by the next day, but it will… one day and the African way (with a lot of creativity and innovation).

Now going to South Africa or Cape Town is like being in Switzerland, unfortunately with the insecurity that the country is facing, but the landscape is just incredible. SA is amazingly cheap for us leaving in Switzerland, the wine cost almost nothing and it is beautiful, the meat is so cheap that is almost credible. I remember once going to a very nice restaurant, having starters, 1Kg of beef filet and desserts and clearly with a great red wine, the bill for 2 people was no more that 55 USD, which in Switzerland only the main course for one will cost you 50 USD.

So I am looking forward these 10 days of business trip.

I will keep you posted during this time, to get news from Africa.





3 thoughts on “Business trip – Africa

  1. One thing about going to a poor country is, when you come back, you’d become more humble. That’s what it did for me when I travel to south east asia or South America. I love what I have, and all of my problems seems small.


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