Busy like never 

Hi all,

I am really sorry not even able to take time for our blog but at work I have quite a rough time the moment.

Hopefully by end of June should be at normal again.

Cheers RA50


GDP of Switzerland revised forecast to lower value

Hi all,
Below are information from SECCO. that show that the GDP of Switzerland is being hit by several aspects.

Switzerland’s gross domestic product growth forecast was revised downward in the light of the steady, albeit weak, economic recovery in Europe and the continued positive expansion of domestic demand in the country, a release from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs showed.

The Federal Government’s Expert Group lowered the GDP growth forecast for this year to 0.8 percent from 0.9 percent previously estimated in March.

Growth expectations for next year was cut to 1.6 percent from 1.8 percent earlier. The economic slowdown of the Swiss economy was confirmed at the beginning of the year.

The expert group cited weak progression of economic activity observed in the first quarter of 2015 and the downward revision of certain exogenous assumptions, particularly growth forecast in the United States for 2015, for the downward revision of GDP growth.

Inflation forecasts were left unchanged, with prices expected to decline 1 percent this year and rise 0.3 percent in 2016. The group said the downward trend of consumer prices continued in May as the appreciation of the Swiss franc had an effect on several prices, including producer, import, export and consumer prices.

The unemployment rate forecast for this year was maintained at 3.3 percent, while the 2016 forecast was revised up to 3.5 percent from 3.4 percent estimated earlier. The increase in unemployment was apparently currently among German-speaking Switzerland more than French-speaking Switzerland or Ticino.

And now what will be the effect for us, in terms of portfolio value, dividend distribution, difficult to predict but it will probably not provide the same returns we saw for the last couple of years. Hopefully our actual diversification is the right one to face this challenge.



Swiss people have lowered their purchases on Internet

Hi all,

Interesting article from Bilan, where they comment the study from PWC related to purchases of Swiss people who reduced in 2014 but the value spend increased. Another interesting fact is that the people from 55 years old and more are picking-up pace.

Here at home we are bad example as we buy almost nothing via internet, the only thing we buy from time to time are the Nespresso capsule of our espresso machine. The other internet expenses, is only related to air ticket, hotels bookings or Itunes.

We still prefer to go to the shops, try, touch, smell etc. it is like reading book, we cannot figure out to use electronic devices. We love the touch and smell of the books and the other thing I like to do is to pass/give my books. In my office, every book I finish end-up in the well in evidence at the entrance, so everybody that is interesting, can take a book, read it and hopefully pass it further.

What about you? how is your preferences, live or internet shopping?



Cape Town – sharing some beautiful view


Beautiful view of the Table Mountain and below from the pier.


I must say that Cape Town is one of my favorite city, the landscape is amazing and the seafoods are just amazing accompanied with great White or Red wine.

One of the thing that shock me overtime is how cheap is the food there, you can a ton of sushi for a couple of dollar, when here you will spend 80-160 dollars for something that is not coming from the see in front of view, but has been traveling miles and miles.

South-African are great people, very friendly and helpful. Clearly a lot issues remain regarding integration, jobless and security but I believe they can overcome that.

I can only encourage you to visit South-Africa.



Portfolio increase

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce that we purchased 700 shares of Nestle (NESN.VX) at a cost of 72.40 CHF, including the taxes and broker fees, our selling price is 73.7 CHF

Considering the actual dividend distribution (2.20CHF), our 2016 dividend distribution  will be 1001CHF.

We will update the portfolio this weekend.

Any purchases from your side?



Grocery bill Challenge – FAILED

Dear all,

We would like to share with the results of our May Grocery bill challenge, which is written in the title tag we failed by a large distance. To remind you our grocery bill challenge was to achieve 560 USD of groceries (Monthly grocery bill), so we finally achieved 751.50 USD, slightly lower than our average 800 USD per month.

What are the reason of this failure, some purchases of several cleaning products (clothes) which are really expansive here in Switzerland, clearly the will last for more than one month, but I will not split the cost over month. We have been invited to dinner at 2 occasions and had to buy some wine for our hosts. so all in all, these additional expenses summed to 106 USD.

We would still failed the challenge by 85.5 USD, we must say that the target was really hard to achieve and not sure we can achieve it one day.

But it was a funny experience and we enjoyed it. We will continue to strive to reduce our grocery bill over time, finding new tricks to save on groceries.

What about you, have you tried the grocery challenge? I encourage you to try.