Swiss people have lowered their purchases on Internet

Hi all,

Interesting article from Bilan, where they comment the study from PWC related to purchases of Swiss people who reduced in 2014 but the value spend increased. Another interesting fact is that the people from 55 years old and more are picking-up pace.

Here at home we are bad example as we buy almost nothing via internet, the only thing we buy from time to time are the Nespresso capsule of our espresso machine. The other internet expenses, is only related to air ticket, hotels bookings or Itunes.

We still prefer to go to the shops, try, touch, smell etc. it is like reading book, we cannot figure out to use electronic devices. We love the touch and smell of the books and the other thing I like to do is to pass/give my books. In my office, every book I finish end-up in the well in evidence at the entrance, so everybody that is interesting, can take a book, read it and hopefully pass it further.

What about you? how is your preferences, live or internet shopping?




2 thoughts on “Swiss people have lowered their purchases on Internet

  1. Very interesting that Swiss have lowered purchases on the internet. That’s definitely going away from the trend. For me if I know what I want I’d rather buy from the internet to avoid needing to go to the store. If I just want to browse, I like stores better than online.


  2. Depend on the time frame and how much I’d save by buying online or availability in the store. I’ve just spend $70 for parts for a washer and dryer. They don’t sell it offline, if they do, only plumber or people who have access to the specialty stores and know where they are. For me, it’s doesn’t worth the headache, I know I can search for part online, they ship it to my door, replacing it is easy with a couple of screws.


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