Markets crisis or should I say tension

Dear all,

I went through the performance of our portfolio considering the markets situation, the Greek endless crisis, the Chinese market falling like hail in summer and the reaction of the global markets. Well, the picture is really not nice. In almost one month, the actual value of the portfolio vs. our calculated selling price of each shares (including all broker fees) went down from -8.3% to -14.1% or in percentage point -71%.

Looking at the positive side, it gives us an opportunity to buy shares at discounted prices or investing on our tax advantage account (3rd pillar), our cash position available is around 156’000 CHF. the split is one-third for the broker account and two-third for the tax advantage account. In order to keep a certain cash value as an emergency fund, we will probably not touch the broker account, but investing in our 3rd pillar.

In next couple of day, I will closely look at the market and evaluate how much, and on in which of the fund we will put money to work.

What is your situation, hopefully better than our.




6 thoughts on “Markets crisis or should I say tension

  1. I’ve been buying stocks that already in the process of correcting, so it didn’t get hit by much. However, I wouldn’t worry about it, as I’m gearing toward dividend yield and 1 year 9 months count down into retirement. I really don’t care how much my portfolio go down, I care how much cash flow coming in each month 🙂


  2. I’m down about 5% in the last month, but my cash flow is continuing to increase so I’m looking forward to a decent correction. I’m pretty sure we’re going to hit another recession soon just based on debt bubbles (student loan/US government/Europe) so I’m hoping for a fairly large crash to load up on some aristocrats. Time will tell if my hunch is right.


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