Potential very good news

Dear all,

We just finished completing our 3014 tax declaration and we believe that a very surprise is coming. Clearly we need that the tax office agrees on the different items but we probably over paid in 2014. Here in Switzerland, we pay account every month (based on previous year) and then the reconciliation is performed once you have completed the tax declaration.

In 2014, we paid 71’100 CHF of accounts and based on our calculation, we should have paid only 60’000 CHF. So we should have a return of 11’100 CHF. We will not get directly get the cash back but the tax office will reduce our monthly account payment. That will boost our saving rate for 2015!

The big question, is what to do with this additional cash. We have different options, clearly the one I would prefer is to re-invest the amount into high dividend yield companies. Another option, would be to increase our emergency found to cover 2 months expenses, at the moment, we have only 1 month covered expenses.

Next year, we are planning to change our car, so it could be as well the part of the entrance fee for the leasing.

Any advice from your side?




5 thoughts on “Potential very good news

    • Hi Thank for passing by, yes it’s our number one option at the moment. But we discussed with a lot of people and I am thinking more and more to lease the car, therefore not putting too much in it and paying the monthly fee.


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