Portfolio increase

Dear all,

As mentioning in our post (Markets crisis or should I say tension), where we were thinking to buy shares of fund that are proposed part of tax advantage account.

I am pleased to announce that we purchased 757 part of the UBS Vita Invest 50 Swiss at a cost of 133.5 CHF.

The fund focus mainly in the Swiss market with a maximum amount of 46% (long-term) of high quality Stock (main position: Novartis, Nestle, Roche, UBS and Richmont), the rest is composed of bonds and real estate.

The dividend distribution of this fund is very small so our idea is more to make a capital gain, like the one we did when the Swiss franc drop by 15% when the National Bank stopped supporting the Swiss franc (Tax Advantage Portfolio Increase). for memory, we made 6.75 or 6’776 CHF of capital gain.

We will update the portfolio this weekend.

Any purchases from your side?




3 thoughts on “Portfolio increase

  1. Hi ra50,

    Scrolling through your portfolio i noten you also have some shares if transocean.
    Given recent drops i’m intended to sell (and repurchase at lower Price – if relevant)
    What’s your view on this company ?

    Rgds – mark


    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for commenting. We are quite heavily loaded of RIGN.VX. Around 160k if we would sell now we loose more than 35% of the value. Look I believe that the price of the oil will not stay at the actual level for ever, therefore the oil shares will go up again.
      Regarding your situation it all depend how much shares/value and what price. It could be a solution to loose now but quickly regain after.


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