Apple watch!!!

Hi All,

For once in a while I am not giving advice on how to save money, or which stock we bought but I am sharing my experience with my new personal purchase, an Apple Watch, stainless steel and Milano wrist.

I bought it, because my old Iphone 4 (business phone) had recurrent issue to detect and keep the wifi’s so I received Monday the Iphone 6 and decided to order the watch, which I receive on Tuesday (24 hrs after order)….

I must say that I am VERY happy with this purchase, I quickly get through the different functions and get some app that use it and really cool. Once you paired it with your phone, I had access to my work email, calendar, ouhaa I was impressed.

What I love is that you can send text message just by the voice, you receive the same notification that on your phone, even if no app available for the watch (WhatsApp).

I am a big fan of Apple, so it is a really a nice gadget.

What about you, do you have one?




5 thoughts on “Apple watch!!!

  1. I don’t know anyone using an Apple watch but do know a few ppl using the Motorola watch. They only have positive things to say about the Motorola watch so I can only imagine how good Apple watch is.

    I really like Apple products myself as well.

    As an Apple investor I thank you for purchasing Apple gadgets. 😀


  2. Hi @RetiredAt50,

    Damn I’m jealous.
    I’m having a hard time restraining myself to buy it…
    Let me know if you still use it after some months. Would be interested to know.



    • MP,

      I promise, I will and will make another post. But so far, I love it. Been using it with Geneva airport app to follow family travel, and I received all the updates, gate changes, go to hate etc right on time.
      Looking forward to more app but I LOVE IT!


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