RA50 Interviewed by Mustachian Post

Hi all,

I would like to thank my Swiss FI seeker buddy (Mustachian Post), to have asked how did we achieve our net worth in such a short time. MP interviewed the FI seekers that achieved more than 1mio USD in net worth and which are referred in Net Worth Tracker from Rockstar Finance. I must say that we are very happy to be in 5th position in his ranking considering that there is big names and a long list of people decided to retire early or get a better life.

Hopefully our 4# advises (RetiredAt50 in the “Richest Blogger Single Advice” serie) can help others to achieve similar results, you will see, they are basic rules but it works for us. Clearly some luck and hard work can pay.

I am sure that we will learn a lot with these interviews, I am looking for the next one after MP well deserved vacations.

Cheers and thank again MP and Rockstar Finance



2 thoughts on “RA50 Interviewed by Mustachian Post

  1. Hey RA50,

    Thanks for the backlink, and most importantly thanks for your time for this interview!
    Liked a lot your 4 advices, although I’m still doubtful about your short capital gains…but your figures proved that it worked for you!



    • My pleasures to have contributed and hopefully can help others!
      Let’s see how out mix strategy goes in the long term, but so far so good. Just missed last week correction, as the cash available is too small.


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