Portfolio increase

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce that we purchased 500 shares of Lafarge-Holcim (LHN.VX) at a cost of 65.00 CHF on the 29 of July, including the taxes and broker fees, our selling price is 66.18 CHF.

As you probably know the 2 biggest manufacturer of building materials (e.g: cement) companies fusionend on July 10th 2015 to create what  it is believed to be the largest worldwide cement company.

On the 29th of July, both companies reported their 1st semester results and presented lower than expected results in the first half of the year. Therefore the share drop by up to 6.70% or 74.7 CHF at the lowest intraday.

So you see that we bought almost at the lowest level!

At the moment, we are not expecting to keep it to get the dividend distribution but more to make a capital gain. We will update the portfolio this weekend.

Any purchases from your side?

Cheers, RA50


4 thoughts on “Portfolio increase

  1. Hello

    I like your mixed investment thesis of dividend investments and special situations of undervalued stocks. I purchased recently more stocks of Coca-Cola, one of the most classic stocks. However, I like the idea of all the growing population in India, China and Africa who will enjoy a Coke in the future.

    Kind regards



    • Hi Marco

      Thanks for dropping a comment.

      Look Coca-Cola is one of the company that will continue to exist in 100 years. Clearly some challenges in more developed countries but growing opportunities exists.

      The mix investment worked pretty well until now, I hope it continues. FYI LHN.SWX (LafargeHolcim N) closed on Friday at 67.3 CHF or 2.3 CHF vs. our buying price.




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