Apple Watch – 1 month Review

Dear all,

After posting my purchase of the Apple Watch (Apple watch!!!), I would like to make a review after almost once month of utilization. What I did not mention, is the model, it’s the 42mm stainless steel, with the Milano wrist, very elegant and sober.

I must say that I love it and I have not yet fund any issues, even if some people mention that you must charge it everyday, it’s the same than your phone, so you one and the other one just follow.

I travel in Africa for the last 2 weeks and have been able to use it in different situation and environment (dusty, hot, humid), and have not witnesses any issues. I took my shower with my watch and perfect. I used the passbook app to check-in in Geneva and Zurich airport, I love the function that the Q-code remain until you scan it.

The other, that I like is that you can control the music from the Watch, one night, we had a bluetooth speaker, which I synchronize with my iPhone and I could manage the songs or the volume from my watch, I love Apple simplicity of usage.

I was surprise to see that a lot of people recognize the watch and start asking a lot of question, but clearly I have not see many Apple Watch in the Region, even in the Johannesburg airport, I was probably the only one to own one.

So it’s a 21st century wristwatch that make you feel more connected. I saw the watchOs 2 preview, and it’s look even better.

If you have one, I would to hear from you.




The Universal Revenue

Dear All,

IN the plane to Tanzania, I read an amazing article in “l’hebdo”, who is talking about the Universal Revenue or the Unconditional  Base Revenue (UBR), that the Swiss people could have to vote as a popular initiative if the number of signature needed is achieved.

The concept of the UBR is that each citizen will receive a fix revenue per month to cover their vital needs.

Very interesting proposal, that would challenge all actual principle that you need to work to receive money. 

If the initiative would go through, probably voted end 2016, which I believe will not, you will ask why, because we are simply not ready to accept it and will be extremely difficult to finance on top of it.

The calculated revenue estimated would be around 2500 CHF. I need to investigate more deeply to evaluate what it will cover, but basically the health insurance and let take our case it would cover as well our monthly grocery bill but I doubt it would cover much of the rent as it one of the important expense that Swiss people have.

So what is the concept behind the UBR, in our modern world and with the technological progress, we made, we are able to produce every day more with less human activity and therefore generate a lower income for families. 

The other reason is that the revenues don’t correspond anymore to the work value, especially in our increasing collaborative economy, therefore a lot jobs are not properly paid, e.g.: child carer!

Finally the a job remunated is not anymore an obligation but a choice.

What do you think about the UBR? 

Cheers, RA50