The Universal Revenue

Dear All,

IN the plane to Tanzania, I read an amazing article in “l’hebdo”, who is talking about the Universal Revenue or the Unconditional  Base Revenue (UBR), that the Swiss people could have to vote as a popular initiative if the number of signature needed is achieved.

The concept of the UBR is that each citizen will receive a fix revenue per month to cover their vital needs.

Very interesting proposal, that would challenge all actual principle that you need to work to receive money. 

If the initiative would go through, probably voted end 2016, which I believe will not, you will ask why, because we are simply not ready to accept it and will be extremely difficult to finance on top of it.

The calculated revenue estimated would be around 2500 CHF. I need to investigate more deeply to evaluate what it will cover, but basically the health insurance and let take our case it would cover as well our monthly grocery bill but I doubt it would cover much of the rent as it one of the important expense that Swiss people have.

So what is the concept behind the UBR, in our modern world and with the technological progress, we made, we are able to produce every day more with less human activity and therefore generate a lower income for families. 

The other reason is that the revenues don’t correspond anymore to the work value, especially in our increasing collaborative economy, therefore a lot jobs are not properly paid, e.g.: child carer!

Finally the a job remunated is not anymore an obligation but a choice.

What do you think about the UBR? 

Cheers, RA50


3 thoughts on “The Universal Revenue

  1. That’s part of the Greece problem (people are retire in their 50s) and soon to be American problem if American hasn’t already in Medicare crisis (government misuse Medicare fund?!) So I’d probably not supporting the big government idea.

    I’m wondering if you get a fix payout, can you move out of the country and still receive this amount? In that case 25000 isn’t bad LOL it’d be quite lavish if you want to be in south america or south east asia. hahah!! I’d party up with this amount.


  2. RA50,

    I find the UBR or any type of basic income very interesting as a thought-experiment and I would love to see a real-life test somewhere, so I’m glad the Swiss people have stepped forward. 😉

    Seriously though, while I’m also curious to how such a system would actually work and remain sustainable far into the future, I believe in the basic premise of the idea: offer people as much (financial) freedom as possible so they can go for what they truly like, explore their creativity, etc.

    And if I received 2,500 CHF every month, I’d live like a freaking king, ha!



    • NMW,
      Let’s see if it move forward, but conceptually it’s good but in reality, I am afraid the system could drive to a lower country productivity.

      Thanks for passing by, cheers


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