Apple Watch – 1 month Review

Dear all,

After posting my purchase of the Apple Watch (Apple watch!!!), I would like to make a review after almost once month of utilization. What I did not mention, is the model, it’s the 42mm stainless steel, with the Milano wrist, very elegant and sober.

I must say that I love it and I have not yet fund any issues, even if some people mention that you must charge it everyday, it’s the same than your phone, so you one and the other one just follow.

I travel in Africa for the last 2 weeks and have been able to use it in different situation and environment (dusty, hot, humid), and have not witnesses any issues. I took my shower with my watch and perfect. I used the passbook app to check-in in Geneva and Zurich airport, I love the function that the Q-code remain until you scan it.

The other, that I like is that you can control the music from the Watch, one night, we had a bluetooth speaker, which I synchronize with my iPhone and I could manage the songs or the volume from my watch, I love Apple simplicity of usage.

I was surprise to see that a lot of people recognize the watch and start asking a lot of question, but clearly I have not see many Apple Watch in the Region, even in the Johannesburg airport, I was probably the only one to own one.

So it’s a 21st century wristwatch that make you feel more connected. I saw the watchOs 2 preview, and it’s look even better.

If you have one, I would to hear from you.




9 thoughts on “Apple Watch – 1 month Review

  1. Hey RA50,

    What about you stop tempting me ๐Ÿ˜‰
    One of my colleague also owns one and thought he would sell it after 1-2 months.
    He ended up keeping it as the small added values starts compounding:
    * Incoming call => check watch, then reject or take it
    * Incoming SMS => check it and answer it with predefined messages
    * Health check (that would be the most useful to me since I got hooked in Pacer (iPhone app) and start to work on getting 10k steps/day
    * etc. etc.

    I think I wil wait for the second or third version before buying it. Or not. Or I won’t buy it. Anyway not before Feb. 2016 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please give us another review after 3 or 6 months!



  2. I think I’d wait for something that can make calls. Samsung might be on to something. Apple might be a bit behind the curve with new techno. They are too slow. We’ll see who win the race. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I’m in the group that do not see a need for smart watch but sounds like there are scenarios where a smart watch is very useful. I’m like a dinosaur, still wearing an analog watch.


  4. I got one. And its awesome. I have been a skeptic as well but the product has definitely overcome my doubts. I wear the watch everyday and love it for exercising and getting directions straight to the wrist when riding the bike. Also the timeshift function of WatchOS2 comes in superhandy. It has never been easier for me to track everyday schedule.
    Glad you also enjoy yourยดs!


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