The first salary after my job move

Hi All,

Yesterday, the October pay check was quite impressive, as we received the first salary with the 4.3% increase (promotion), the relocation allowance and the 13th salary adjusted to 9 months (based on my previous salary). Next month, I will receive the remaining amount of the 13th salary based on my new salary.

First thing I did is to transfer money to our broker account, now we have a new cash position of 20K CHF, which next month will increase by around 4000 CHF, with the remaining of 13th salary.

I am happy to have this cash position, as the market as been so volatile recently that good opportunities exists to buy shares at discounted prices.

For example, Roche (ROG:VX) is very attractive and with the excellent 3rd quarter results, will prove once again a very good investment.

You may have seen that Credit Suisse (CSGN.VX) will increase their capitalization and I believe the investors should have preferential positions, let’s see. My only concern we are already over-weighted in financial companies with UBS.

LafargeHolcim is another company that I believe should be invested in, they are really discounted now, and the future is bright for the cement Giant.

What about you, any tips on what to buy?




Functional move – Positive financial impact

Dear all,

Now that I have started my new job (since 5 days), I will give you some financial details about that move.

Our company is using the Hay system to define the salary grade for each jobs, so with my promotion, I received one grade promotion, which means the following:

  • A salary increase of 4.3%
  • New incentive compensation (IC) rate from 13% to 18%, if I consider last year performance remaining the same, it will increase by +/- 8’500 CHF to a level of 25k-30k.

As I mentioned, in this post (Job, functional move and salary increase), my work location is now in another city of Switzerland away by 80 Km from home. When I signed my new contract, I had the surprise to receive a bonus 18’500 CHF for transportation expenses.

We will keep this bonus in our “car” saving account to be ready to buy a new car in a couple of years.

Now, we all these additional bonuses, I will need to figure out what will be the impact on our taxes, as all the above are subject to tax imposition. The tax reimbursement  from 2014, will not go for shares investment but probably to pay the additional 2015 taxes.

What about you, any new job, are you looking to change job?

Cheers, RA50

UBS (UBSG.VX) and TransOcean (RIGN.VX) PayChek

Dear all,

Sseveral days without posting anything (shame on me), but the month of September has been a crazy one, you remember that I mentioned that I would change job (Job, functional move and salary increase), and it happened in September, I started to make the transition with the person I am replacing, therefore, I had 2 jobs to do.

Ok I will stop talking about that as it is not the objective of this article (next week, I will publish one about my functional move, especially the financial aspect.

Coming back, to the pay check from UBS and TranOcean, the first one is a big surprise, because, I was not expecting getting this dividend distribution, if you refer to the following post (2014 Final dividend distribution), you will read that UBS decided to make a special dividend of 0.25 CHF thanks to positive 2014 results and completion of the change in a new entity. At that time, I understood that we needed to have the shares at the ex-date to be eligible, and as we sold all our UBS to get a 7% financial gain or 12’300 CHF due the positive 2014 results announcement. But to benefit from share price drop at the ex-date we bought them back. What a nice surprise to see that  on the 18th of September our custody account increased by 2’525 CHF.

On the 23rd of September, we received the 2nd distribution of RIGN.VX which is 1050 CHF or 0.15 CHF per share considering the 7000 shares we own.

As you probably read, TransOcean will call an extraordinary shareholder meeting to propose the cancellation of the next 2 quarters dividend distribution considering the company situation due to the oil price. I am not very happy with that, but it is the risk we took in buying RIGN shares, I believe that in the future the share price will go up again and distribution will come back.

And you what is your situation?

Cheers, RA50