The first salary after my job move

Hi All,

Yesterday, the October pay check was quite impressive, as we received the first salary with the 4.3% increase (promotion), the relocation allowance and the 13th salary adjusted to 9 months (based on my previous salary). Next month, I will receive the remaining amount of the 13th salary based on my new salary.

First thing I did is to transfer money to our broker account, now we have a new cash position of 20K CHF, which next month will increase by around 4000 CHF, with the remaining of 13th salary.

I am happy to have this cash position, as the market as been so volatile recently that good opportunities exists to buy shares at discounted prices.

For example, Roche (ROG:VX) is very attractive and with the excellent 3rd quarter results, will prove once again a very good investment.

You may have seen that Credit Suisse (CSGN.VX) will increase their capitalization and I believe the investors should have preferential positions, let’s see. My only concern we are already over-weighted in financial companies with UBS.

LafargeHolcim is another company that I believe should be invested in, they are really discounted now, and the future is bright for the cement Giant.

What about you, any tips on what to buy?




3 thoughts on “The first salary after my job move

  1. Man, having a big salary increase must feel great! 🙂 I remember was making $200-300/mon in college, and all of a sudden I was making $80, then back down to $70K/year, it was great!!

    This 20K plus increase should put you at least 2-3 years ahead of your retirement. I’m happy for you.


    • Hi Vivianne,
      Thank you very much for the nice words, and it feel great 🙂
      For the 2-3 years, it will be very difficult to achieve it with our objective to retire at 50, but extended it to 55, yes that would probably manageable.



  2. With more money comes more problems. Isn’t that the saying? But I guess as long term DGI investors, we don’t use more money to buy junk or add to our lifestyle inflation, rather, we put that money to good use by creating an even larger future passive income stream. Looks like solid picks for your portfolio. Just LafargeHolcim I never heard of. Thanks for sharing.


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