Christmas present before the 25th

Dear Friends,

We are quickly approaching some key dates in the year: Xmas, one year of and New Year. But on Friday 19th of Dec, we received our first Xmas gift, the confirmation of the potential good news that we mentioned to you some time ago (Potential very good news).

Yes, the tax dept. is reimbursing the extra tax money, we paid in 2014, and the 2nd good news is that it is not 11’000 CHF as expected but 15’000 CHF.

This is really great news and this money will go directly into our broker account, to increase our cash position, for future stock purchases. I already have some ideas, but I will need to see how the market will behave in the couple of weeks. As you know, I love to make stock shopping during the ex-dates, to benefit of discounted prices. But if the market is down prior, I will then.

In the coming days several post will come live, the 1st year of retiredat50 and the year review.

Looking forward to read the blogs, I follow to see how the year went and the goals for 2016.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas with your families, friend and loved ones, that Happiness, Joy, Love be with you.

Warm regards, Mr. and Ms. Retiredat50


One thought on “Christmas present before the 25th

  1. […] Therefore compare to 2014, our total revenue is significantly higher and I was started to be scared of how much, we would need to pay for the reconciliation our tax declaration. If you remember, we had a very surprise in December 2015 when the tax office declared that we paid to much tax in 2014 (around 15k- Christmas present before the 25th). […]


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