Merry Christmas

Dear all,

We would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, hoping that this day will be full of happiness, joy and fun.

In 7 days, retiredat50, will celebrate it’s first anniversary, one year in the blogging world, I must say that is a great experience but challenging at the same time to find the time, to blog on subject that would interest you. Since I move job (October) that time even reduced further.

The next 4-5 months will be the fun months for dividend paycheck, as you know in Switzerland companies paid in one time and not every quarter.

I will prepare the post for our dividend simulation to give you an overview of what’s coming, but I am already expecting a lower dividend income as most of the companies will this year distribute regular dividend (taxable @ 35%) and not cash distribution.

Again, we wish you a great Festive Season and enjoy your families and friends.

Cheers, RA50 Family



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