oh Boy, what a 2016 start

Dear friend,

I am sure that you thought that we left the net after one month without a post. No, we are still on the air, but so many things happened that I had no time or too tired to write new articles.

I will summarize, what happened during the last month:

  1. With Mrs Retired, we took a big decision by buying an apartment in Switzerland (more details to follow in specific posts)
  2. On the 2nd of January, Retired50 celebrated ONE YEAR anniversary!!!
  3. The market goes crazy and the variability is not controllable
  4. First step in preparation of the min 20% equity to put down for the purchase of the appartment (sold SwissRe and Roche shares)
  5. Meet with banker for the first mortgage meeting

So, I am preparing some articles to explain you what is required to buy a house/apartment in Switzerland .

Wish you a good weekend

Cheers, RA50


5 thoughts on “oh Boy, what a 2016 start

  1. Congrats on making that decision!
    I used to live in Switzerland and would love to return there some day, so I’ll keep following your progress.

    Also, great blog! I have been following it for some while. You inspired me to become more conscious about what I do with my money. πŸ™‚


    • Dear Daniel,
      Thank you very much for your kind word.
      I must say it’s not the easiest decision we made, as before it, we were free meaning no debt. So now, I need to think I have to rename the blog name πŸ™‚
      Cheers, RA50


  2. Hey RA50!

    What a funny coincidence that we happen to buy our apartment in the same time!
    I’m gonna also document our process from next week on normally. Stay tuned!

    Also, I’m currently updating the #BSRI 2015’s results, and was wondering what was your savings rate last year overall?



    • HI MP,
      Yeah, that’s a great coincidence… I will document the process as well. I am going to check your post.
      Sorry, I have not yet recalculated our saving rate for 2015, but probably very close to the one we have now.


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