2015 Bonus (Variable Incentive Compensation)

Dear all,

This week was the big week as we received our 2015 Bonus and last year, I was very happy with my bonus (Yes, Yes and Yes).  Guess what, this year it’s even better!

The company I work for had a great year, all financial metrics were above the objectives and as the bonus takes into account the company performance x my performance x my rate based on my job description (Functional move – Positive financial impact) and my own performance was quite good.

So the results is that, we get a bonus of 53k CHF; yes, you read it right correctly half 100k. Ouhaa, when you look at your paycheck and it’s 3.3 times more than the previous month, it makes you a nice smile on your face :-).

And it’s great news, because that goes straight to our account for the purchase of our apartment. So it’s an excellent start of the year, I am already thinking of the next year bonus, hopefully it will +/- equivalent.

What about you, do you variable incentive compensation? is it based as well on your performance? And when do you receive it?

Wishing you a good weekend,




Difficult not to invest

Dear all,

As me, you are probably on the edge to know if it’s the right time to invest considering the significant market fluctuation.

As said in our previous post, we are going to invest in an apartment, so we had to sell quite a lot of our position to have enough cash for the requested 30% of own equity. Therefore, we are sitting on slightly more than 400’000 CHF. In a way that makes me crazy, we could have invested quite a lot especially when the market dropped by around 10-15%.

On top, we are close the dividend distribution, so we could have make good money but I cannot take any risks at this moment and risk to have the cash at disposition because market drop again.

If we were in this situation, what we would have bought? We would have invested in Swiss RE for the high dividend yield, Roche and Novartis and probably Nestle, even if the 2015 results were not extraordinary but the potential is there.

So we are looking at replenish our broker account to be able to reinvest but we start almost from scratch, hopefully our positions will give us around 10’000 CHF, thanks to UBS and Credit Suisse that will distribute their dividend from their reserve and therefore not subject to taxes, that’s good for us.

Next week, I will receive my annual bonus, so part of it goes for the apartment and the other to our broker account. I will give more details in the next post.

What about you, have you been able to pick to drop to make some shopping or are you waiting for a more stable market situation?