2015 Bonus (Variable Incentive Compensation)

Dear all,

This week was the big week as we received our 2015 Bonus and last year, I was very happy with my bonus (Yes, Yes and Yes).  Guess what, this year it’s even better!

The company I work for had a great year, all financial metrics were above the objectives and as the bonus takes into account the company performance x my performance x my rate based on my job description (Functional move – Positive financial impact) and my own performance was quite good.

So the results is that, we get a bonus of 53k CHF; yes, you read it right correctly half 100k. Ouhaa, when you look at your paycheck and it’s 3.3 times more than the previous month, it makes you a nice smile on your face :-).

And it’s great news, because that goes straight to our account for the purchase of our apartment. So it’s an excellent start of the year, I am already thinking of the next year bonus, hopefully it will +/- equivalent.

What about you, do you variable incentive compensation? is it based as well on your performance? And when do you receive it?

Wishing you a good weekend,




7 thoughts on “2015 Bonus (Variable Incentive Compensation)

  1. Wow I read that & wept … starting to think I need a new job. Congrats on the big fat bonus – a big step towards FI! Especially when it has compounded through investing it – well done


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