Portfolio Increase

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce that we purchased 52 shares of Roche (ROG.VX) at a cost of 233.7 CHF, including the taxes and broker fees, our new selling price is 257.9 CHF vs. 266 CHF that we had with the 110 shares we own before

Considering the actual dividend distribution (8.40CHF), our 2017 dividend distribution  will be 830 CHF net. But we are planning to continue investing in early 2017, when I will receive my annual bonus, I am expecting to invest around 30’000 CHF.

The portfolio page has been upgraded.

Any purchases from your side?




4 thoughts on “Portfolio Increase

  1. Thanks for sharing your recent pick up. I’m not too familiar with Roche but to answer your question I just made a few purchases a few days ago adding to my CAH, VFC, and ABBV. Keep sticking with those solid dividend payers.


    • Hi DH,
      Roche is as well as solid divided payer and always increasing, from the analyst point of view in the next 3 years it will gain almost 1 CHF additional compare to 2016.
      And the have a solid portfolio and product under testing, the testing equipment they are developing are very interesting, this week, I just saw a comercial for a diabet testing equipment on TV, that was the first I see that from Roch.
      Have a deeper look at the company and it could become a new pick for you.
      Thanks for passing by and commenting.


  2. Great pick RA50! I’m also looking at Roche and love to own it. But I don’t like the 35% swiss withholding tax. I know I can reclaim it, but it’s extra work and cost for me. I’m driving by the Roche tower nearly every day and the second is already growing.

    My last buys were also Biotechs: Gilead and Novo Nordisk (with a 27% danish withholding tax but the reclaim process is cheaper and faster)


    • DR
      Yes, I love Roche, great dividend and solid company with lots of product under testing that could make good contribution to the company.
      I would love to see Roche HQ, but not going very often to Basel.
      I understand you not investing in Switzerland due to tax hassle. This is why we only invest in Switzerland and to avoid currency risk.


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