Net worth

Below our Net worth in CHF on the 12th of Nov. 2016, which in dollar represents 1’538’694 USD

Positions Value in CHF
Portfolio – purchased value 472’690
Company Pension fund – 2nd pillar 387’000
Own equity – investment for our new apartment 530’000
Invested – 3rd pillar 3’417
Property in Brazil 105’000
Saving account 2’823
Rental – Safety deposit 9’740
Total 1’511’670

Mortgage = 516’630 CHF.  Since the 25 October 2016, we entered the world of home owner and therefore having some debts. This value will increase until 1’000’000 CHF as we are in the phase of construction, the full amount will come only when we will receive the keys (Q3-Q4 2018).

Cheers, RA50


13 thoughts on “Net worth

  1. There is a new vocabulary for me. What’s is “rent guaranty?” It’s sounded like a rental property you own, or some sort of government offering?

    Nice size of net worth by the way. No debts! Congrats!


    • MU,

      We all started low and we all grow up with our investment strategies, some only with dividend growth and some other like us with a mi strategy.
      You will have that of portfolio one day!
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
      Cheers, RA50


  2. Hat tip to you Sir, impressive net worth and investment portfolio! You are well on your way to become financially independent by age 50 (I would guess you can retire way sooner if you wanted, Brazil sounds nice!).



  3. Hey mate,

    Do you think you could create the same page as this one for your savings rate?
    Would be very interesting to see how you go every month – and would help me to maintain the #BSRI 2015 accurate 😉

    Many thanks!


    • MP, we were planning to have a page on our monthly expenses, at the moment a bit heavy to manage as we are not tracking each expenses but more our monthly saving which is fairly stable. But let’s see if I have more time maybe.
      Appreciate you comments and you passing by
      Cheers, RA50


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